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The capital and largest city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in northwestern Poland. Located near the Baltic Sea and the German border, it is a major seaport and Poland’s seventh-largest city. Szczecin is located between the broads of the Oder River with an open perspective on the Szczecin Reservoir and Lake Dąbie, and the sailing route to the Baltic Sea. There are many monuments worth visiting in Szczecin.


June is an agreeable month in Szczecin, Poland, with an average temperature fluctuating between 22°C and 12°C while maximum temperatures up to 30°C is possible . June is one of the rainiest months of the year with an average of 13 rainy days and an average monthly rainfall amount of 543 mm in Szczecin.


There are three entry packages depending on the accommodation:
A. 1-4 bed hotel rooms with own bathroom (200 places available – first come, first served)
B. 1-8 bed hostel rooms with own and shared bathrooms
C. hard floor in gym with own sleeping equipment and shared bathrooms
Make your reservation up to 21st April 2024 here: accomodation questionnaire

EYOC Tour - Grand Prix Polonia

You are kindly invited to participate in a great event in the world of orienteering as a supporter - European Youth Orienteering Championships 2024!

Additionally, as a competitor, after supporting, we invite you to take part in the Grand Prix Polonia.
Challenge the best European Juniors in the same terrain on similar courses.
We will take you to Szczecin in Poland to provide you three days of orienteering - full of emotions, challenging courses and demanding terrain.
It will be our pleasure to host you in Poland and share with you emotions.

See you 22-24 June 2024 in Szczecin!

More informations about Grand Pix Polonia: https://bno.szczecin.pl/grand-prix-polonia-2024


The embargoed areas for Sprint – indicated with orange colour – are permitted for access for competitors, team officials and other persons but may not be used for orienteering trainings or routechoice testing. It is prohibited to stay there with a map, to orienteer (reconnoitre) through the embargoed area or to test route choices running or walking. No organised orienteering of any kind may take place in these embargoed area until after EYOC 2024.

The embargoed area for the Long Distance and the Relay competitions –indicated with red colour: Competitors, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competition, are not allowed to enter these embargoed areas.



Two training competitions will be organised in the year leading up to EYOC on relevant terrains and maps.
EYOC Test Race - 6th-7th April 2024 https://bno.szczecin.pl/mpik-2024-puszcza-bukowa-podjuchy
Official Camp - 26th-30th April 2024 r. and Bukowa Cup XI – 1st–5th May 2024 http://bukowacup.pl

Official Camp Schedule

Download Official Camp Technical Bulletin
Date Hour Type Results Split times Livelox
26th April 4 p.m. middle Results Splits Livelox
27th April 10:30 a.m. long Results Splits Livelox
28th April 10:30 a.m. sprint Results Splits Livelox Analysis
29th April 10:30 a.m. 1st leg relay Results Splits
30th April 10:30 a.m. long - long splits Results Splits


Type Map scale Lenght Controls GPS Location Preview*
T1 Sprint-interval 1:4000 4,3 km 36 53°23'49.6"N 14°39'47.1"E
T3 Middle 1:10 000 4,8 km
4,4 km
3,8 km
53°20'17.3"N 14°34'20.3"E
T4 Middle 1:10 000 4,7 km 16 53°20'06.2"N 14°39'53.1"E
T5 Long 1:10 000 7,0 km
5,4 km
53°20'03.5"N 14°40'27.5"E
T6 contours 1:10 000 4,3 km
3,4 km
53°19'50.8"N 14°44'11.2"E
T7 Middle in-out 1:10 000 4,6 km
3,6 km
53°19'23.9"N 14°37'43.8"E

*Preview is blurred, contact us to get a full version.
Prices for individual training maps:
Laser printed maps: 6 €/piece

You can order setting SI controls and timekeeping. It costs 100-200 €/training regarding the number of participants. You can ask for help in organising accommodation and boarding.
Contact: Aleksandra Mazan
email: mazan.aleksandra@wp.pl


What will we arrange for you?
- technical T-shirt;
- participation on EYOC Party;
- hard floor accomodation;
- lunch + drink

Why to volunteer at EYOC 2024 ?
Running an event this large would never be possible without the many moving arms of our volunteers. Unpaid volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference.
Take note of the above we need exactly you.
You don’t need to have a specific experience.
Don’t hesitate to invest your time for a good cause and register now! With your help, we will be able to solve every problem.

Click here and become a volunteer!

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